August 20, 2022

The largely positive metrics in the price of ADA

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Cardano project catalytic funds have also supported 947 proposals, according to the detailed infographics. The number of unique wallets holding Cardano has increased by 1.84 percent to 3.36 million.
 addition, Cardano’s native tokens have increased by 8.64 percent to 5.03 million, and the network currently has 2,761 pouring scripts, a 5.47 percent increase.
However, not every number indicates that the network is active. The total number of stake pools has decreased by 0.75 percent, while the percentage of staked ADA has decreased by 1.35 percent.
 ADA’s price performance over the last two weeks has reflected the mainly positive data. The token has gained 10.8 percent in the last 14 days and 9.3 percent in the last seven days.

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